old stuff

As I periodically clean out my fishing stuff, I run across a lot of old fishing stuff that I bought when I had just started fishing (mostly lure fishing things). I keep them around because I think that my kids might use them one day, or maybe I'll find somewhere to donate them but they mostly just hang around... I remember buying all this stuff, excited & imagining that I'll catch all this big fish. Looking at them makes me smile.


  1. 나도 오래된 낚시도구가 있는데
    가끔 창고에서 꺼내 볼 때면
    오래된 친구를 만느는 기분이

  2. keep that big red and white bobber for float fishing grey's reef.

  3. ya. deep nymphing. or bait fishing.

  4. When I see a big muskie passing me by and I can't get it to chase any of the flies, I often wish I have some shiners on hand. I saw an interesting on line discussion about fly fishermen and the sometimes snobbish attitude that comes with it...

    I like the "best" answer reply. worth a read.

    None of us belong in this snob group maybe except ksanchun.

  5. Did you noticed that every "non purist" fly fisher say that they do other style fishing "occasionally" or "rarely"? I think once you get into fly fishing, you automatically turn into snob without realizing it.

    GF, at least Ksanchun is honest with his feeling. He doesn't post a story about "old stuff" and donate his non fly fishing gear to the poor.:p

    BTW, I want that sponge bob bobber.

  6. yes but at least I am honest about lying.

    FF - I've also got some spiderman rods too.

    this is going to lead to a healthy discussion - I can feel it.

  7. man I wished all of could meet somewhere together someday. Like the whole group... and discuss stuff like this over a campfire.