Kids in Adirondack

My cousin Stephen and his family joined us at the cabin for the long weekend.  It has been a long time since I was able to enjoy what the Adirondack has to offer. 
This particular creek is located about 5 miles from our cabin
and it has been one of my goto creek since it's discovery. 
Very challenging creek as it is fast tumbling water with many
big boulders.  I was granted with a couple of hours fishing
time as kids needed their nap time after hard day of playing.

It pays to be freindly with a neighbor with property like this.
Small creek with awesome minature waterfall runs through
my neighbors property which I have unlimited access to. 
Took my nephew and niece to enjoy the water and took my
fly rod just in case...

I was surprised to see this brown and some brookies to follow
as I didn't think this particular creek was habitable for trouts.

Noah and his first introduction to brook trout. 

Noel and Noah chasing crawfish...

Noel posing for the shoot.

Introduce nature to kids and the fun begins

Another fine day

Patty wanted to try another small creek. With her improving casting, I thought one of my recent find where the rainbows thrive might be a good place to take her.

Her accuracy is improving as well...

Now this is what I'm talking about!


Getting ready for the move...

In a few weeks, I will be moving the family to Seoul. I stood by the Han River yesterday, thinking about the move, about the fishing opportunities when I get here, and of all the places & people I will miss in the Midwest. I've been meaning to plan my last fishing trip(s) in the Midwest before my departure, but that window of opportunity seems to be shrinking really fast with all the last minute move prep stuff. Still I hope to squeeze in a trip before I head out. I don't know why but it's always like this... as soon as I really love a place, it's time to move on. Midwest will always be the place where I started fly fishing, and always be home in that way. I thought about this today, standing at the banks of a river on the other side of the planet.


We gonna catch some fish...

Patty and I went to "our" favorite creek today.  I've only fished the first half of this creek and we've decided to try the second half of the creek which requires about two hours of hiking.  We didn't know what to expect as I've never tried that particular section of the creek but we were so happy about our decision.  What a found!


Patty's first outing

Patty decided to join me for a day trip to a creek which is discovered recently.

 She is now able to cast with tight loops. Just need to work on distance...

 Her first brookie of the year.
This might be the biggest wild trout I've caught.


Last outing in the early season

Last week, my friend Joon & I went out for the last outing in the early season. This week the fish are on break. Back on track next week.