Kids in Adirondack

My cousin Stephen and his family joined us at the cabin for the long weekend.  It has been a long time since I was able to enjoy what the Adirondack has to offer. 
This particular creek is located about 5 miles from our cabin
and it has been one of my goto creek since it's discovery. 
Very challenging creek as it is fast tumbling water with many
big boulders.  I was granted with a couple of hours fishing
time as kids needed their nap time after hard day of playing.

It pays to be freindly with a neighbor with property like this.
Small creek with awesome minature waterfall runs through
my neighbors property which I have unlimited access to. 
Took my nephew and niece to enjoy the water and took my
fly rod just in case...

I was surprised to see this brown and some brookies to follow
as I didn't think this particular creek was habitable for trouts.

Noah and his first introduction to brook trout. 

Noel and Noah chasing crawfish...

Noel posing for the shoot.

Introduce nature to kids and the fun begins


  1. Looks like a great day! During these times when I can't go fish, I have your photos and reports to keep me sane. Thanks man.

  2. I remember when I took my daughter to a creek in Korea. With kids out there in creek, whole image and feel of seriousness disappears.