Another fine day

Patty wanted to try another small creek. With her improving casting, I thought one of my recent find where the rainbows thrive might be a good place to take her.

Her accuracy is improving as well...

Now this is what I'm talking about!


  1. The husband and wife team at it again! Nice going brother. It's hard to believe that all those fish live in such small creeks, that makes it even more beautiful. Nice little fatty at the end, is it a brown?

  2. The last one i've caught which is a brown surprised me not only with it's aggressive take but the size as well. Didn't think that a small wild trout around here can get that big.

  3. I feel so bad that I didn't get to visit you to go to those small creeks before I return here in Korea. I have a few places to visit for fly fishing and NY will be top of my list.

  4. Ksanchun, try to come by in near future...여기있는 고기들 씨를말려버리게...