I hear its on......

I hear the tribs, in particular the Root, are getting flush with chrome. This will be the first year in six I have missed it. If your name is gone fishing then I suggest you get the hell up and go fishing. I will live vicariously through you.
Last April 1st. pike river- 1 p.m. on a steelhead brassie


lodge of choice

I ripped off this image (sorry)...but at least I made it into something I can dream about.


Korean Cherry Trout

It's a good time of the year everywhere for fellow anglers. Spring in Korea means it's time for Cherry Trout. The photos are popping up everywhere on the local sites. These are some nice photos of cherries from our friends, Prince Fly Shop & Rainbow Club. Such pretty fish.

New Mission

I guess as a fisherman, you go through differnt phases of fishing style and bodies of water as you make the fisherman's progress. These days I been doing a lot of research on wild trout streams in NJ. Surprisingly, there are about 35streams in NJ that are designated as the wild trout streams.

Wild trout in NJ fascinates me because nobody think of NJ is the place for the wild trout in secluded mountain streams. As small of a state it may be, natural beauty of NJ is ofter over looked even by me who live in the state.
To avoid weekend hikers, I took a day off today to explore one of the wild trout stream I've been meaning to try out. The snow from a few days ago still covered the ground and tree branches.

The first brookie of the day. Even though it was 32 degree in the air and 39 for the water and no bugs hatching, all the trout I've caught was with dry fly (Ausable bomber).

The water was so clear. The end of the pool is about 45feet away and my camera was able to pick up the image.

The most vibrant colored one of the day.

Big Green River … Big Happiness.

I knew the river would still be stained, but wanted to miss the weekend crowd … so, I made a bet and drove up to fish & it worked out okay. The Big Green River is still largely running stained but some sections are starting to clear up … by weekend it should be really nice fishing. I realized 2 new things today … [one] when I catch enough fish, I mess around with the camera more – taking photos of scenery (that smile on below photo is the smile of a happy fisherman who just caught a nice fish ... satisfied, dignified, cocky). [two] I like to see the fish come into my net, but I like to see the fish leave my hands even more … it’s a promise of another good time to come. Today was a plentiful fishing day, the kind that adds a little spring to your walk on your way back to the car.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

고기를 잡아서 네트 속으로 들어오는것을 보기 좋아 한다. 하지만, 내손을 떠나서, 다시 물속으로 사라지는 고기에 모습은 사랑한다. 그 광경은 언제가 또다시 찾아올 기쁨에 대한 약속이기 때문이다. 오늘은 낚시가 풍부한 하루였다.


trout point of view

A little tool I'd like to own. Unfortunately I have this image but don't know who makes it or sells it. I might end up having to make one. If anyone know where to find ones of these, please let me know.


I’ve been stealing my wife’s manicure…

I’m coming out. I’ve been stealing my wife’s nail polish bottles. One by one I’ve managed to steal several colors and one clear coat. They are excellent for finishing off the head of a fly and oh so many color options. They run thinner than the fly head finish sold in the fly shops and I like the applicator better. If you see me at the nail polish section at a beauty store, don’t be surprised.

우리집사람이 매니규어 어디갔냐고 아이들에게 물어보면, 난 고개숙이고 방으로 들어간다. 매니규어, 이렇게 좋은 fly head finish 인줄 누가 알았을까. 남자들이여, 매니규어 를 사랑하라.


A sign by the water:

I see some fish in the water, and I also see this sign right front of me.

stained...difficult but not impossible

With the heavy rains, most of the creeks in Wisconsin is running stained. I fished it anyways, casting closer to the banks and places I imagined fish would be holding in such conditions. The thought is, if I get the fly close to them, their reaction would get them to take the fly. It was difficult but I managed to hook two small fish. But fish or not, how can one complain when standing in the woods, near a creek, feeling spring come on. I love this time of the year.

I also got to fish my new Greys 10’ 3wt rod, which was recommended by mrLee. I bought it as a nymphing rod but I love it all around.

Midwestern Spring

I don't like rain but hail sucks even more. Just another Midwestern spring.

중부에 봄...우박 싫어요.


Spring has already approached....

Spring has come before I knew it.

Spring has already approached, but
the snow was even with my knees.

the water is still cold.

beautiful velly....

ㅎㅎㅎ good point

cherry trout

Let's take a rest on snow....ㅎㅎ

The evening shadows were lengthening....

Today is a day of happiness and joy....ㅎㅎ


straw man fly

I was walking by a lawn and saw some dried up I tied it into a fly. Maybe a hungry trout will be fooled by it one day. Maybe a vegetarian trout will like it…


Oh how I missed this

The temperature went up to 76 degree today. Much anticipated weather and with slightly improved my back condition, I went out to Van Campen Glen Brook. You couldn't ask for better day to fish for the first time since last November.

Anticipation kept on building until I stepped into the stream and when I did, aaaahhhhhh...what a feeling it was.

The water was still cold but all kinds of bugs were flying and fluttering all over the water. Started with RS2 without much luck but when I switched to small adams wulff, the things came to alive.

Didn't catch whole alot of fish but when hooked the first brown, I laughed so hard I scared myself.
Oh how I missed this!!!