Beijing FSAC

Beijing’s Four Seasons Angling Club founder & our friend Terence came in town so we took a short drive up to Wisconsin. After we got some work done in the morning, we dashed up north to meet a few browns. With the exceptionally nice spring weather the Big Green River was full of people today. The fish were taking flies both below and above the surface. The effectiveness of the Pink Squirrel never ceases to amaze me. Long drive but always worth it.


  1. hell ya the squirrel is deadly there! I think it has to do with the wisconsin affinity for old style mixed drinks. Its the perfect coctail so to speak. My friend dan uses the rump hairs of his mutt to tie an especially potent version. The green is a great river in a nice place. Hope you had a nice time terrence. Have you seen that little cabin i always stayed at?

  2. I love the Big Green, Nick guided me up there last year and I fell in love with it. I am planning to stay at that cabin this spring as well, it's perfect fit in that place. Any spring fishing yet?

  3. alas, no fishing. just too damned tired on the weekend to even try. Maybe J will have some time this month or next. I really wanna get my family over to the coast and hit up those cherries. If you stay at that cabin the farmer across the way is coool with you fishing from the bridge up through the pasture across from the cabin. Be careful as there is a bull lurking about in there. But some great holes and you are a stones throw from the accomodation.