Oh how I missed this

The temperature went up to 76 degree today. Much anticipated weather and with slightly improved my back condition, I went out to Van Campen Glen Brook. You couldn't ask for better day to fish for the first time since last November.

Anticipation kept on building until I stepped into the stream and when I did, aaaahhhhhh...what a feeling it was.

The water was still cold but all kinds of bugs were flying and fluttering all over the water. Started with RS2 without much luck but when I switched to small adams wulff, the things came to alive.

Didn't catch whole alot of fish but when hooked the first brown, I laughed so hard I scared myself.
Oh how I missed this!!!


  1. Welcome back. Take it easy so we can continue fishing.

  2. Long winter it seems. I hope you had a great time.

  3. It's fantastic.
    beautiful fish and Great valley...

  4. It's good to be back. Indeed it was a long winter along with a few issues but I believe this year will be better. Happy new fishing season to you all.

  5. 현철아 - 올해, 팔이 아프도록 잡자.