I’ve been stealing my wife’s manicure…

I’m coming out. I’ve been stealing my wife’s nail polish bottles. One by one I’ve managed to steal several colors and one clear coat. They are excellent for finishing off the head of a fly and oh so many color options. They run thinner than the fly head finish sold in the fly shops and I like the applicator better. If you see me at the nail polish section at a beauty store, don’t be surprised.

우리집사람이 매니규어 어디갔냐고 아이들에게 물어보면, 난 고개숙이고 방으로 들어간다. 매니규어, 이렇게 좋은 fly head finish 인줄 누가 알았을까. 남자들이여, 매니규어 를 사랑하라.


  1. Do you recommend any particular brand?

  2. ...ㅋㅋ
    아주 쓸모있는 물건이죠...ㅎㅎ