Fishing & Outdoors Expo, Rockford, IL

I visited another outdoors expo in Rockford, and this one was less fishing and more general outdoors. The boat show was going on as well, and I always enjoy looking at boats…always wondering when I’ll actually buy one … but I think, David has one, so why should I? ;-) Although brief, it was good seeing David here. The fishing stuff was mostly Muskie tackle, which I believe represents the ultimate hardcore in freshwater fishing. I also love looking at the antique lures … they have such character. I did not make it in time to watch the casting/ lure demo but the mobile fishing demo tank is always cool to see. The podium where the caster stands is shaped like a front of a boat, you know, so it looks more real. I bought a few unique weed-less hooks that uses a spring to guard the hook (from: www.neversnag.com). I can’t wait to turn these into big bass bugs.

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