stained...difficult but not impossible

With the heavy rains, most of the creeks in Wisconsin is running stained. I fished it anyways, casting closer to the banks and places I imagined fish would be holding in such conditions. The thought is, if I get the fly close to them, their reaction would get them to take the fly. It was difficult but I managed to hook two small fish. But fish or not, how can one complain when standing in the woods, near a creek, feeling spring come on. I love this time of the year.

I also got to fish my new Greys 10’ 3wt rod, which was recommended by mrLee. I bought it as a nymphing rod but I love it all around.


  1. what a beautiful fish.
    is it lenok?

    It looks great.
    Beautiful places and fish.

  2. Hi Joon - it's a wisconsin brown. 그렇게 보니까 열목어로 볼수도 있겠네요.

  3. let me know when you're ready to visit "day saver secret creek" it is a brookie stream that fishes better when area streams look like that.

  4. I see you still wearing that indiana jones hat...푸하

  5. mrlee - I was thinking about you and that day saver spot. I was thinking "I can hike 30min & find that old school bus". I looked at my watch and it was 4am in Seoul. I pulled your name out of the contacts & considered calling. But I waited for this moment. I'm ready to know that spot - separately by email of course.

    fishfinder - the hat is definitely staying. you should see the other hat I got, you'll love it even more.