Maybe just Maybe...

I've been struggling with my herniated disk for my lower back for quite a while. Tried numerous physical therapies and treatments which wasn't successful until recently. A new routine is introduced to me by my PT and seems like it is helping. For those of you who are suffering from low fishing time due to low back pain, try the following routine.


  1. I just went through a lower back strain last fall. its the worst. my father had invasive surgery to try and halt the spasms in his back last week. I know you've been suffering for a while. I can feel your pain. If you're wearing a fishing vest...get rid of it. although im sure you've figured that one out. get well bro.

  2. Thanks Lee. Yeah, I had to switch to waist pack. Just got back from a stream. I will post pics after the excercise...

  3. That's great that this helps you. I will try this. It looks interesting.