Big Green River … Big Happiness.

I knew the river would still be stained, but wanted to miss the weekend crowd … so, I made a bet and drove up to fish & it worked out okay. The Big Green River is still largely running stained but some sections are starting to clear up … by weekend it should be really nice fishing. I realized 2 new things today … [one] when I catch enough fish, I mess around with the camera more – taking photos of scenery (that smile on below photo is the smile of a happy fisherman who just caught a nice fish ... satisfied, dignified, cocky). [two] I like to see the fish come into my net, but I like to see the fish leave my hands even more … it’s a promise of another good time to come. Today was a plentiful fishing day, the kind that adds a little spring to your walk on your way back to the car.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

고기를 잡아서 네트 속으로 들어오는것을 보기 좋아 한다. 하지만, 내손을 떠나서, 다시 물속으로 사라지는 고기에 모습은 사랑한다. 그 광경은 언제가 또다시 찾아올 기쁨에 대한 약속이기 때문이다. 오늘은 낚시가 풍부한 하루였다.


  1. the fish are looking german and happy for spring! one of the best rivers i've fished in the world. how i miss tht valley!

  2. Nice going brother! The season seems here finally. I can't wait to swing my rod too soon out in the creek.

  3. I wish I had the chance to fish these waters with you guys someday. I can't wait to see photos of your trips there soon. And then I will soon join you there too.

  4. Nice fish!!! Seems like you had a blast. We had what seems be the last snow of the winter a few days ago. Just got back from one of the wild trout stream. I will post the pics later on.

  5. Ohhhh - I can sense that you caught a good looking fish. Post it quick.

  6. beautiful brown trout !
    they are not in Korea.
    So I envy you.

    Thanks for nice pictures.
    This is a great place.
    I want to go somewhere nice.