New Mission

I guess as a fisherman, you go through differnt phases of fishing style and bodies of water as you make the fisherman's progress. These days I been doing a lot of research on wild trout streams in NJ. Surprisingly, there are about 35streams in NJ that are designated as the wild trout streams.

Wild trout in NJ fascinates me because nobody think of NJ is the place for the wild trout in secluded mountain streams. As small of a state it may be, natural beauty of NJ is ofter over looked even by me who live in the state.
To avoid weekend hikers, I took a day off today to explore one of the wild trout stream I've been meaning to try out. The snow from a few days ago still covered the ground and tree branches.

The first brookie of the day. Even though it was 32 degree in the air and 39 for the water and no bugs hatching, all the trout I've caught was with dry fly (Ausable bomber).

The water was so clear. The end of the pool is about 45feet away and my camera was able to pick up the image.

The most vibrant colored one of the day.


  1. They are some fine looking specimen. Look at that fin, beautiful. You have to take me there one day.

  2. looks good. lovely. i believe the vibrant one is a brown.

  3. It looks like great start of season Charles.

  4. Indeed. You guys have a no idea how much I've missed this. When you bastards posted a story of your recent trips, I was so envious while stretching my back at the same time...also wishing you all to skunk out....
    Anyway, good to be back and take back all the evil wishes I had on you guys.

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  6. trip to explore one of the wild trout stream, I think it's beautiful and mysterious.
    I envy you.

    To truly enjoy a trip, it is best to travel alone.
    Thanks for nice pictures.
    This is a great place.