Tarpon fishing in southern Taiwan

This one is around 50 cms.

Tarpon fishing is always a kind of dreaming target to fly fishers. Last month one of my US friends Jeff came to Taiwan. He has been here several times. I have taken him to fish Zacco, big eyes bream and blue skin carp. But, never tring tarpon is one of his pity things here.

For fulfilling his hope, I decided to take him to south.

Taiwan's tarpon is one of the oldest species. It is just like the giant tarpon in the US. The only difference between both is US' tarpon is in big size and Taiwan's tarpon is small. Their habits and shape are almost the same. When tarpon is hooked, it always tries to jump to remove the hook. As they are feeding, they will show their dore fin.


  1. Hey Caddis! It's been a long time, great to hear from you. These photos bring back the memories of these energetic fish and the jumps they do. Hope your wedding preparations are going smooth, only couple of months away!

  2. I'm coming next. what months are best for tarpon?

  3. mrlee,
    you can catch tarpon whole year round in Taiwan,
    but spring and summer the fish is much bigger and aggressive.
    If you decide to come,
    don't forget to bring your 6 or 5 wt rod.

  4. It is nice to hear from you Caddis and Hank. I also remember those jumping tarpon. That orange and silver sponge hook you gave me was awesome. I also remember that great shabu-shabu dinner too. Love to visit you guys again sometime soon. Hope wedding plan is going well.

  5. Jonathan and YoonHo,
    I am ok but very busy. Preparing wedding and working really drive me crazy. Few days ago I got a serious illness. My heart almost stopped.
    But, I am ok now.
    Hope you guys can come here again.