kissing the cup.

This looks like a pretty nice event, need a team to participate. As expected, the event isn’t centered around winning a cash award – which is good. I like competition, I like winning (or losing fair & square), and I think I’d like to kiss that cup. Something to think about. Read more about it at:

Perhaps mrlee has some thoughts on this and such events, since most of them seems to happen in his hometown area.

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  1. my good friend Tomaz competed as an alternate for team Poland. They took fourth! I gave him lots of fly and location intel before comp. Poles and Czechs are amazing anglers. The problem I see is allowing anyone to form team so that people from home venue always have advantage. Competitors are not allowed to fish the course before but home teams fish these rivers all the time. the history is a lot longer for competition in Europe. Some rules would be hard for me. mostly the no indicator. we don't have history of comp fishing in US like in Europe. I didn't get into fishing to be competitive so I never gave it much thought. I don't know about Asia. after watching the comp I would like to
    try it just for the camaraderie it creates between different cultures and anglers. You need to create a Four Seasons fishing team.