funny flies by Fabrizio Gajardoni

Mr. Gajardoni’s funny flies are what took me to his site, but soon discovered he is an award winning tier. Check out more at:

Mr. Fabrizio Gajardoni wrote us a little more about his funny flies:

“ about Nemo I tyied first on 2001 ( published on Art of Angling Journal on 2005), I believe that I tyied about 20 Nemo for customers and friends”
“ about Poldo dog it's a unique fly for my dear Friend Massimo Masi, he love so much his dog and I do a copy in deer hair”
“ about Gino fly it's the same a unique fly for a daughter of my dear Friend from USA”

Thank you again for allowing to post these photos and the comments about your flies. Best wishes from FSAC!

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  1. These are perfect fly gifts for non-fly fisherman.