It was just nice to be out:

I took one of my friends Michael out to fishing in Truckee past 4th of July weekend. This was first fly fishing trip for Michael, so we had a short learning session before we enter the water. Michael actually had other fishing experience in the past when he was growing up in Germany near Baltic sea. No wonder he wasn't complain even if we didn't see any fish all day. The cold beer in the ice box got us going though. It was and it was supposed to be tough fishing with the cold and high water condition since snow in the mountain was still melting past week. We returned back home safely with the promise that we will return soon.

We asked and found another smaller creek, but here also had similar water condition. We also met couple came from near by town to fish, but they seemed also had no luck with the fish.


  1. 물고기는 없지만, 좋은 친구와 함께
    멋진 계곡에 가서 시원한 맥주 한잔
    하는것도 나름 의미있고 기쁨이죠.

    제가 먼저 전화를 하려고 했는데
    뜻하지 않게 전화를 받게되어
    너무 기쁘고 한편 미안한 마음...

    암튼 건강하시다니 다행이고, 하시는 일
    잘 되셔서 좋은 일이 있었으면 합니다.

    그럼 건강하세요. 전하 할께요...ㅎㅎ

  2. wow the place is beautiful. Like Joon said, out in nature with a good friend is perfect with or without fish. Enjoy the summer ksanchun.

  3. its nymphin time! weight. weight and more weight.
    good to see you guys got out. love truckee!

  4. 네 신박사님, 그나마 낚시하면서 자연을 즐길 줄 아는 게 낚시를 하면서 얻은 것의 반 이상 인 듯 합니다. 그리고 나만 위한 것이 아니라 초짜친구를 위해서 기다려주고 하는 인내심도 경험하고요.

    I am sure there are special spot for better fishing; I may need to hire guide service one day and I also need to spend more time out there. I really love this Truckee area like mrlee said.

  5. Scale of landscape seems so much larger in the West. Good luck next time. Looking forward of seeing more reports from the west.

  6. The scale is way bigger for sure that what I've seen and experienced. It seems to be helpful to know exactly where to go. I did make some note though. On the first day, I was looking for fly shop to get some info., but there was a ACE hardware store with the fishing shop in it. People in there knew a lot about the area.