drinking soju & catching fish.

We got on the road at 3:30am and got to the creek just in time for sunrise. Got geared up and started drinking soju by 6am. The water was running kind of high but the fish were cooperating and taking all kind of flies. I did okay with a simple San Juan worm and by mid morning switched to dry flies. Had the chicken again for lunch and fished the lower creek in the afternoon. Joon and Godo did real good and both caught plenty of bigger cherry trout. We saw the giant lenok again but decided it would be best to let him be. Finished the day off with a delicious dinner and got home before midnight.

즐겁고, 편한 하루 였다. 아침부터 물회와 소주 한잔. 점심먹으면서 생각 했다... "아, 이렇게 행복해도 되는건가?" 그리고 모두 동의했다, 여기서 더 완벽하려면 남어지 친구들 (조나단, 현철, 소보로, MrLee) 만 같이 앉아 있으면 된다. 날씨를 지켜보면서, 계속 대화를 하기로 했다...화/목 위주로. ㅋㅋ


  1. Wow, the water looks tough to fish in! Good job guys!!! Able to enjoy good food with good buddies during and after fishing is what I miss the most about Korea.

  2. it was a little crazy wading in this creek with the water so high because it's a narrow and deep valley. My back & legs are sore from wading in that fast water for 10 hours.

    휴 -- 다리가 후들후들이다....

  3. What kind of fly are you using? I see some strange looking fly in cherry trout's mouth. You guys are having too much fun without me.

  4. 멋진 계곡과 큼지막한 산천어
    그리고 맛있는 닭백숙과 몇 잔의
    참이슬 .....

    그 모든 일들을 즐기면서
    우리는 조나단님을 생각하고

    올 가을(9월 말이나 10월 초)에
    북해도 큰 아메마스 잡으로 3박4일 정도
    일정으로 가려고 하는데 시간 되시면
    같이 갔으면합니다.

    빨리 오셔요....ㅋㅋ

  5. looks good! I'm so jealous. all day with vacationing brats.