Added to the list

I found a new creek in New Jersey which is home to wild trouts. Didn't know what to expect as the northeast heatwave is still lingering but yesterday's rain definitely helped out. To secure the success, I've started to fish super early.

I caught mainly the browns. I guess it was too warm for the brookies to be active as the water temperature was around 69 degree. Either way, so glad to add this particular creek to my list.


  1. Great job with that weather condition. It looks like a great spot for fishing. How long drive from NY home?

  2. wow that's warm. nice work.

  3. the most of the fishable creeks in NJ are about little more than an hour drive. to be ernest, my intention was to check out the creek not to fish due to hot weather. but my good will gave in as soon as I saw the creek...hey I tried...

  4. 그곳에도 한국 계곡처럼
    작고 아름다운 계곡들이 많은가 봐요?

    저도 이런 계곡에서
    작지만 귀엽고, 예쁜 고기들을
    잡고 싶네요.

    요즘 한국은 장마가 끝난 이후로
    국지적이면서 많은 양의 비가 내리고
    있어 계곡에서의 낚시가 힘듭니다.

    계곡 멋지네요...ㅎㅎ


  5. man I miss fishing...when will this rain end...

  6. 이곳에 작은 계곡이 많은것을 새삼스럽게 느낍니다. 항상 생각치도 않은곳에서 챃으니까요. 한국장마 사정 많이 나아졋으면 하네요. 보건작업 또한...
    모두들 안전, 건강들 하세요.

    윤호야 언제오냐? 심심하다.

  7. looks like a gem of a creek fishfinder,keep on rocking it out

  8. 현철아, 나 8/14일날 돌아간다. 가서 바로 전화할께.

  9. Thanks Blake!something about those small creeks...