Required reading…Fly Fishing the 41st.

If you fly fish, this is required reading.

“ Being a Schwarzfischer was a complex duty. A Schwarzfischer fished wherever he wanted, regardless of the signs posted on the tree, but carried an obligation to be purposeful while doing so. We felt that our cause, or our individual causes at least (mine being to document the trout of the world in watercolors), transcended governments, borders, regulations, and treaties; and arrogant assumption, but we felt, a justified one. We took cue and purpose from the last line in Tortonese’s paper:
Further research are badly needed for a better knowledge of morphology, variation, habits, and distribution of the Trout of Europe and Asia.”

“We have caught and seen the trout of the Amu Darya River” Johannes said over a plate of vegetarian lagman. “It is the easternmost native brown.” He was a little drunk and preaching. “Beyond here, there are only other species of salmonid fish: taimen, char, and lenok; and grayling of course, I am very interested in grayling.”

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