Thank you Dr. Shin!

Last night, the Rainbow Fly Fishing Club had their end of summer gathering. It was a lot of barbecue, heavy drinking, and a lot of singing. Dr. Shin who is the president of the Rainbow Fly Fishing Club presented me with a wonderful gift, a fly box full of flies he made for me. As if this wasn’t enough, he even put in two Korean mayflies, so that I can look closer and make my own flies for the future. I said to him that when I look at this fly box, it is a symbol of hope. A symbol of hope of beautiful fish to catch and a symbol of all the good work he has been doing with local communities on preserving creek waters & fish in eastern Korea. It was Dr. Shin who organized the release of 20,000 native trout recently, working together with local community leaders and Department of fisheries from that town. This is a wonderful gift that I will cherish, and when I find myself in waters worthy of using these flies, I will and remember you when I land that fish. Thank you for the wonderful gift and thanks for making me feel so comfortable in your club. Fish on!

신박사님, 진심으로 감사합니다. 같이 알게되고 한잔할수 있는것만도 감사한데, 이런 소중한 서물을 주시다니…건강하시고, 곧 또 뵙기를 바랍니다.

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