Fly Magazine

I met Han Gil couple of years ago for the first time and then only a few in between.  He is possibly the most hard core dry fly fisherman I have met in Korea, chasing almost exclusively cherry trout and rainbows.  He unofficially guides people he knows and he's known to have a good pulse on the movement of fish along the rivers and creeks throughout the seasons.  He knows so because he is there a lot, often camping out for days.  Oh yes, he is also a die hard camper, and I've seen his tent up in the deep creeks more than once.  He has a site called Fly Magazine (http://flymagazine.co.kr/) and it's mainly a sharing site.  A few weeks back we went out fishing together and I told him I would help him create a logo that was missing for his site.  I created some and shared them with him and he's in the process of choosing one (to be made into stickers and patches).  I ripped off pieces of graphic here and there to create these but they are not going commercial or nothing so hopefully I will be given a pass.  Here are 4 that I likes, let me know if one (or non) of these look alright to you.  The site is in Korean but check it out sometime.  Thanks.


  1. Thanks Charles. Why so quiet these days with the fishing? Or have you been quietly discovering more secret creeks throughout the East Coast?

  2. Mainly my time is spent on building the kayak. I've discovered a few creeks here and there but too lazy to post. I will get around to it.