Fresh water Bone

About 2 years ago, some of my fishing buddies find a new spot in the downtown where can catch this kind of fish stably. This fish will feed at night like 9pm and it fights very hard. Hardly to pull a 30cm up fish back with my 4wt rod... Fishing at night with a fly rod is really a fresh experience, everyone should try once. Btw, I call this fish "fresh water bone", check how sexy it's lip is!

Hank, here is a photo of a Korean nu-chi (photo from spiderfly).


  1. Hoolala-- sexy lips! Nice Hank. I did some urban fishing the other night in Seoul as well. Hope all is well brother, good hearing from you.

  2. What's the name of the fish? It does look like bone fish.

  3. We also have this in Korea and here we call this fish a "nu-chi" 누치, pretty powerful fish. It will take a fly and they are fun to catch.