sitting on rooftop waiting...

The monsoon season is finally over.  It's been one of the record long one, lasting over a month.  Now that the rain has stopped, it's the vacation season here in Korea and the highways are backed up mad with traffic.  I didn't even attempt to go to the creek in a couple of weeks but the from past experience, I know that creeks with easier access will be filled with vacationers, trying to make the the most of the two week span.  So I sit here on the rooftop garden, waiting for fall to arrive and the vacationers to go home.  I'm ready for chilly nights and small campfires.


  1. Next time bring the family out to Colorado in August. We have plenty of space. No one is. BBQing in the creeks

  2. The last picture is crazy! Hope you can go out there as soon as vacationers clear out.