Got my fix

It feels like eternity since I've fished last.  Not only we had the heat wave recently but with kayak building and playing a role of board member of a deteriorating complex made it difficult to be out and doing what I enjoy most.  Today, I put aside everything and when out to a stream which was on the "to visit" list.
This stream is one of those streams you will drive by without much thought unless you like fishing small streams and did your due diligence to look for it.

The recent rain storm added decent water flow to the stream and the temperature felt cold enough for me to hassle the natives.

The stream contained many willing brookies and browns with incredible colors and patterns.

The ridge line shows how steep the terrain was...

The most of trouts caught were small but made up for it with their strength.  Feisty bastards...
So glad that I went out today as not only I had my fix but discovered a beautiful stream to enjoy years to come.


  1. Nice to see you out and about Charles. The colors on the fish are amazing. Like the small stream, I thought about how many people in this world go on living without ever seeing such colors of a fish or the sounds of a beautiful small creek. I guess we should be thankful in that way. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Awesome charles! those little wild gems look great.

  3. Thanks guys, This is the creek I couldn't fish when I locked myself out of my car a couple of months back.