April Fools Catch

Since I had to work until late last night, I wasn't sure if I would be ready to go fishing today. Got up early and looked at the weather forecast which wasn't very promising as afternoon rain is predicted. So the contemplation began...

Didn't take too much effort to get my butt off the bed and decided to hit my favorite NJ creek.

When I hooked this brookie, a group of about 30 Korean hikers happened to pass by. Must been a club trip. One of the man yelled out "그놈 잡아드실꺼에요?" so I replied "아니요, 벌써 한마리 회떠 먹었어요."


  1. you should have told them, "고추를 단 단하게 하세요"
    then next time you came back you might see them chasing those brookies up and down the stream. good april fools joke.

  2. this could very possibly be the creek of my dreams. I wouldn't normally say this, but keep this creek private and don't tell anyone where it is. wonderful man.

  3. 현철아, 첫 사진이 너무 멋지다.

  4. 윤호야 뉴욕시즌이 이번주로 부터 시작이다. 빨리 와라. 사이좋게 한판뜨자.

  5. ㅋㅋ 고추를 단단하게 하세요?
    " what you means ..."

    귀엽고 이쁘네요 ...ㅎㅎ
    한번 잡아보고 싶네요.

  6. 물도 많이 없어보이는데 이쁜고기도 많고 조용이 걸으면서 낚시하기 딱이다.

  7. 좋다, 나 곧 간다. 이번엔 얘기좀 하면서 같이 낚시 하자.

    그 ausable bomber 완전히 터득 해버렸구나...송어들이 너가 그훅 달고 나타나면 두려움에 덜덜 떨겠다. ㅋㅋ