Yesterday trip can be described as "it doesn't get any better than this" kind of trip. The beautiful spring weather mixed in with all kinds of hatching made this trip perfect. Got to my favorite creek early in the morning and noticed I am the only one who was about the wet my line...
Sweat from hiking was wick away by nice cool breeze.
Big boys are out!  I don't think I've ever caught so many big wild trouts like this before. If you can consider 11 inches as a big trout...
If you ever run into an injured owl, just let it be.  My good intention was met with alot of wing flapping and a pair of claws.
Seriously, this is nature at its best. It's like a beatiful painting.
This seems like a yearling, yet fully developed but has a great foundation to be a beatiful trout later on.


  1. that is WILD! 이거 완전 야생인데...죽인다. 특별히 부엉이. The colors on the fish are amazing, I wonder if there is a time of the year when their colors are extra vibrant. Thanks for the visuals man.

  2. 물고기가 크지는 않지만
    아름다운 채색과 순수한 외모에서
    많은 매력을 느낄 수 있는 것 같네요.

    저도 꼭 저런 이쁜 물고기를
    잡고 싶습니다.

    북해도에서 잡은 돌리바든(오쇼로코마)와
    거의 비슷한 듯 한데
    그래도 그 색채가 더 화려해서
    왼지 더 끌리는데요..ㅎㅎ

    아주 좋아요.

  3. 잡힌 상태에서 물속을 가르고 다닐때 살짝 비추는 색깔들이 너무 흥분 시키느것 캍아요. 이런말 다른 친구들 한테 예기하면 미친변태 라나뭐라나.

    윤호야, 부엉이 진짜 죽이지? 그놈 머리가 축구공 만 하더라. 다가 가니까 그큰 눈깔 부라리며 덤벼 드는데 도망가다 낚시대 부러질뻔 했다야...

  4. 물속찰영 전문가가 따로없네. 물고기들 참 예쁘다.

  5. Ksanchyun, 뉴욕에 낚시하러 온다면서 왜않온대? 혼자 나가서 궁상 떠는것도 한계가 있으니가 california 에서 한국 가기전에 한번오지

  6. ㅋㅋㅋ 내가 Charles한테 이 소리 들을 줄 알고 기다리고 있었는데. 이번엔 힘들고 6월에 한번 더 나오면 가도록 할게.

  7. I wrote a comment about how nice this was but it seems to have disappeared. cant wait to come out there. soon.

  8. When? When? Come on now people. Walk the walk...Lodging will be provided. Man do I sound desperate?

  9. When Nature got out her paintbox to put makeup on fish she used all her best colors on the Brook Trout.

  10. Really like your blog--nice fish photos. The underwater shots are excellent!

  11. Urban wild, thanks for your comment. I can't never get enough of brook trout and their beautiful colors. You are absolutely right on mother nature going all out...