Betting Result

A good friend of mine and I had a bet on whether or not the Lucite (acrylic glass) can be drilled with a power drill. As a part of betting process, I've made the following display with a golden stonefly.

As a gloating winner, I proudly present "a fly on a drilled Lucite base".


  1. Nice thing to have on the corner of the table.

    Pilot hole, nice and slow...I've been there brother. Although, in this case the hole is so small not sure if there ever was a pilot hole. Wait, is that a drill press receipt I see back there?

  2. No my doubting friend. That happens to be my pistol license. Went shooting last weekend instead of fishing.

  3. If I remember correctly, you have to drill slowly with a sharp bit. It starts to milt and sticks to the drill bit. I wonder if you do this under water, it works better. It looks great with a fly on it.