Took the boys out to Blue River in Wisconsin. We initially headed up to the Big Green but was overwhelmed with the amount and thickness of the wild bushes. It's somewhat manageable for an adult but for the kids, they were swamped and could not navigate. It's amazing how different the place looks from the colder seasons - which is nice. The river was flowing low and the fish seemed to have been seasons to the bright sunlight and many fishermen trying to fool them. They seemed highly sensitive, scattering away very far away. We fished until we felt like, which was pretty short on this day. We decided to enjoy the river and just waded around a bit and found some rocks to sit on. We caught a few creek chubs and a small, single trout. I stood around with the kids, thankful to see them enjoying themselves in nature. Fish or not, it seems there is no such thing as a wasted fishing trip, with the kids.

There was a nice bench planted at the edge of the parking lot ...had a nice sign on it. I guess for a fisherman, that is one of the most wonderful thing friends can do for you...even the design is perfect for sitting to get in/out of waders. Things like this gives me hope in us.


  1. 언젠가 형이랑 내가 미국에서도 같이 낚시 하고 있겠지? 이번에 반가웠어, 곧 또 봐 형.

  2. Mexican chauffeur driving wonjae from school?

  3. korea to wisconsin in one week. thats the jet set

  4. 이제 완전한 flyfishing family가

    보기 좋네요....ㅎㅎ