The day Patty became a true angler

Today was the last day of our two weeks epic fishing trip.  I been working hard to get Patty into the sport and finally it paid off.  She said that fly fishing will be her main hobby from now on.  We are so exhausted but excited at the same time the fact that we found a hobby that we will be enjoying years to come.  I am so looking forward to new memories we will be accumulating over the years...


  1. That smile on Patty says it all. It's so cool that she's got into fly fishing.

    너무 좋아 보인다. 앞으로 같이 다닐 조행이 기대된다. 그쪽 이야기좀 들어야 겠다, 내가 주말에 전화 할께. 고기가 빵빵한게, 엄청 힘 좋아 보인다.

  2. love it brother! nice work patti! who did you guys go out with? I heard yellowstone closed a shit load of water?

  3. Lee, it was a great trip. We went out with Travis Hanson for yellowstone who is an amzing guide and with Montana Anglers in bozeman. It was money well spent as patti improved so much during our trip and I got to fish without interruption. :)