Dragon Valley creek chubs

Creeks around Dragon Valley in Kangwon...they look beautiful but seems to hold only creek chubs.  I spoke with some locals and they say they catch catfish at night but agree that creek chubs are the majority (or maybe there is creek around the corner that hold trout but they don't want to tell me - I surely wouldn't tell if I were them).  Still, them creek chubs are better than nothing and watching them aggressively take the fly is a great way to pass some time. I also know for a fact they grow to become twice the size of the second picture below. 

this is an older photo but this about how big these chubs become.


  1. I enjoying Zacco FF in Japan. I'm happy to reach your blog today.

    Very similar to Japanese Kawamutsu and Oikawa...I'm surprised.

    It would be appreciated if you visit my blog when you have a time.

  2. Green Cherokee,
    Thanks for visiting our blog. I too enjoyed your blog very much. I didn't realize zacco can get very colorful and your photos captured them beautifully...

  3. Is it the lack of shades? Seems fishy enough for trouts...

  4. That's perfect! Zacco FF freaks! I love it.

  5. Thanks for your prompt reply. I'm happy you enjoyed my blog.

    Can I have a direct link on my blog...? Japanese Zacco freak would be happy to see your blog.

  6. Absolutely! We will do the same for our blog as well.