Chill Out Time.

Got together with the Seoul fishing buddies last night for some heavy soju.  I don't even know how I got home but I got home. I especially loved the small bar where 5 people can barely fit, with two guys playing the guitar and singing.  I didn't know such a place existed in the heart of downtown Seoul.

오랜만에 배고문님, 신박사님, 허교수님, 송선배님, 그리고 동자님과 소주와 맥주를 들이켰다. 오랜만에 뵈서 너무 반가웠고, 오랜만에 뵈서 너무 과음했다. 라이브로 불러주는 작은 (작은 = 5 앉는 ) 인상깊었다.


  1. 너무한국적이다...나중에 나두대려가.

    1. Hi Charles,

      I have been searching the net for hours to get information on fly fishing here in Korea!! I am a teacher in Gumi and I am a keen fly fisher.

      Is there any way you would allow me to join you when going fishing?

  2. 당연히 가야지. But you're going to need to get used to being in tight spaces and not punching the other guy.

  3. I am a new and improved individual. I'm done with all that....

  4. Hi Plaasjapp,
    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I live the US but there are other members our club who reside in Korea who might be able to show you around Also, there are many fly shops in korea that can help you find some amazing spots in Korea. Please check out the their link: