GonDolMaegi Char in Korea

I was happy to hear that people have been catching GonDolMaegi (Salvelinus malma/ aka Dolley Varden Trout) in fresh waters in Korea.  This one was caught under the SoYang Dam in ChunCheon.  I saw this post on the Spider Fly website:

With the lenok out of reach, this is pretty good news for a fisherman like me.  I know where I am soon headed with my two hand rod.  Dolly Varden here I come!

*I am uncertain about the accuracy of the trout classification, I took bits and pieces I can find from the web. If you have better information, please let us know.


  1. Seems like Spiderfly folks are the most hardcore in Korea.

  2. They are supposed to be the big waters specialist. I am heading out with them tomorrow to catch some Venus fish. They are supposed to be the fresh water bone fish (they shoot off and can take you into your backing line). I'll see about that and report back soon.

  3. I got stormed in, too much rain. Next time.

  4. Actually made it out. Rain slowed down. Will update soon.