WY/MT Trip Day 3: Slough Creek

 Our daily routine for two weeks had been wake up early and fish then start all over again the next day.  I was concerned about Patty getting so sick of this to the point that she will never want to fish again. Au contraire, fueled by gorgeous views, she couldn't wait to get out there and fish.  Sort to speak....
On our way to the Slough creek.
Lone bison appeared and gave us a glance before passed us by.

At the entrance of the creek

We've decided to fish lower meadow as some heavy clouds started to form and dumped a good amount of rain water on us later on.
Patty's lesson continues on.

We didn't get to see large cutts in the lower meadow.  It was mostly small rainbows and cuttbows.
The bison bull on the right was getting annoyed so we moved out of there at heart beat.
One of larger rainbow.
Found this antler by the creek. Hope he had lived freely.


  1. Love Slough. One of the best places in the world. Let's get together next time with Patty and Eun Ju and go to second meadow. The cutts there are unbelievable.

  2. We are ready over here. Just let me know when. Really wanted to try the second meadow...

  3. Yeah, I agree. This place I can tell is a great place to fish. The size of fish varies with different water and scenery is one of kind.