WY/MT Trip Day 2: Gardner River

Gardner River, 25 miles long,and it's entire length of the river is located within the Yellowstone National Park. It is considered one of easier river to fish within the park.  With our sore butt from the horseback ride, we were out by 7:00 am to meet up with Travis who will be guiding us for next 4 days.  Travis who has been fly fishing since 11 years young  married an argentinian woman who's family has guiding service in Argentina and been fishing and  guiding all year around both in Yellowstone as well as Patagonia.  He immediately put us at ease with his winning smile and down to earth personality and we were off to fish Gardner River. 

View of Washburn Range.
Lower section of the river.
Patty getting a private lesson from Travis.  This is a must strategy for anyone who want to teach their wife how to fly fish.  Just like driving lesson, it can save a relationship.
Patty's first fish in Yellowstone.

Our second bear sighting of the trip.  Travis had his eye on the bear the whole time until he casually passed by us.
Hike to upper reach of the river.

Travis on the Sheepeater Cliff.

 Beginning of the 20th century, this river was fishless.  I guess without thinking, fishery manager at the time decided to stock eastern brook trouts instead of cutts. Upper reach of the river is dominated by brookies and my entrusted ausable bomber did good job bring them to the surface.
 As you can see, Patty's smile gets brighter by the moments.

Behind me is where the Golden Gate Canyon starts. I don't think I ever spent more time looking at the scenery instead fishing as I have on this day. 


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