Still Water

I visited a still water fishing pond for some Korean native carp fishing.  Sitting back and watching the indicator rise is hypnotic. 

친구 성욱이와 붕어 낚시를 경험했습니다.  고요한 물과, 찌를 바라보고 있는것에 매력이 뭔지 알것 같습니다. 친구는 4 마리, 나는 작은녀석 한마리를 만났습니다. 다시 도전해보고 싶습니다.




  1. 찌낚시. I bet a dollar you won't do it anytime soon. :p

  2. Yes but the party following this trip was so outrageous we might just do it again. Quiet and thoughtful on the outside, a freakin party animal after midnight. Everything went black for me after the third bottle.