finding my spot

Our moving stuff from the US arrived about a week ago and the apartment is starting to look like a home.  Kids are happy to be sleeping in their own beds, Wife is happy to get her kitchen back in order, and I'm happy to see my fishing stuff back on the desk.  It's been steaming hot in Seoul the past few weeks, so hot that I hesitate to go out even to drink.  It's nice to sit at the room in the evenings, the London Olympics on TV and tying a few flies.

As I look at the boxes full of flies, I wonder why I spend so much time getting flies out of trees when I feel like I have a bunch of flies to last me years.  I guess flies to me are like having enough toilet paper. I wonder why I have so much of it, but then I think about that moment years ago when I ran out and that makes me feel okay to buy the super jumbo pack.  Plus with flies there is that local (Korean creature) element to it, although I've never been a hard core match the hatch kind of guy.  In any case, it's nice to be able to sit and wind some thread to a hook.

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  1. Glad to hear that your lives are back to normal. I can't imagine not having your fishing gear...
    We are at Bozeman now. Patty is thoroughly hooked. She is already talking about next FISHING TRIP! I am a freaking lucky man.