Korea Fly Fishing (summer)

Here are some beautiful images from the various fly shops in Seoul. Summer fishing is not easy in Korea (too little water followed by too much water) but each shop seems to be finding its own spot & target species. My schedule is making it hard for me to fish these days, but looking at these promising photos helps me from going insane. I'm looking forward to going out on the guided trips with some of these shops. Stay tuned.

멋진분들이 멋진곳에서 낚시하는 모습이 보기 좋습니다.

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  1. I like how that woman is handling the snakehead by the mouth.

  2. She's holding that mouth shut with her death grip. 좀 위험해 보이네, 이빨이 보통이 아닐텐데. They call it GaMulChi (가물치) here and from speaking to other anglers, the ones who chase GaMulChi are in a group of their own. Sort of like the Muskie guys in the States, one track minded and determined. I'll try to get some more info on where we can fish for them, I'd love to try.

  3. I admire those guys & gals holding such huge fishes, considering that they are slimmy.

    here is a great website