New discovery

My map collection is getting somewhat comprehensive. Recently ordered trail map of Catskill region to help me discover lesser known creeks which is my preferred fishing ground. 
Although we had a few showers lately, the water level around here is still low.  Found a creek in the map which had a lot of tributary streams feeding in and decided give it a try.

Even with added water from its tributaries, water level seemed very low.  Luckily, the creek has steep grade so naturally deep pocket waters were at every turn.

 As always, prospected with an ausable bomber.  I worked every pool and run with no takes.  Same result with a caddis as well.  But things changed when I decide to give a beetle pattern a try.  Two trouts went after the fly at the same.  Never seen that before... 

Mainly browns inhabit this creek.  Small but feisty VERY feisty...

Can't wait to try this creek in different season.


  1. We started fly fishing together, we started fly tying together. One day I noticed your cast had improved a great deal. One day I noticed that your flies were at a detail I saw in instructional books. I think you pretty much became the fisherman I wanted to be. 진심이다.

  2. 어우 야... 민망하게 왜그러냐.
    어제 간곳은 처음이고 너무 외진곳이라 오후쯤 돼니까 무섭더라. 얼른 나왔다....

  3. I imagine you fishing something like this in these creeks:

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