what I never want to see…

I was recently fishing at night in a deep part of the woods. I made a pretty long cast across the river and suddenly the line came to stop. First I was thinking – oh crap, the line is caught in a tree… but then the line came loose again without any effort. This happened a few times during this night and then my mind started to wander… I imagined a lady ghost sitting in/ across the river, messing with my line. It would hold onto it, then let it go. Sometimes in the reflection of the moon, I imagined this scary thing sitting across the river, just staring at me. Time to shout out to my friend and walk towards his direction. I make up some bullshit story about how we should stay together because it’s safer wading that way, but I was just scared to be in the dark by myself. Of course once you start to catch fish, all this fear vanishes instantly, and you are horny for fish again.

We all have different scary stuff we imagine in the woods, what scares you? 아무리 무서운게 있다 해도, 이런 한국에 처녀귀신 보다 무서운게 없을것 같다. 보면 바로 쓰러져야 한다.

Happy Halloween.


  1. 예나 지금이나 유치빤스 는 여전이구나. 왜 쓸때없이 그런거 올려나서 신경쓰게 만드냐? 나중에 혼자 저녘 낚시못하게...

  2. 내 빤쓰가 어디가겠냐...ㅋㅋ. 너 나중에 밤낚시 할때 이생각 꼭 날거다. 왜 알잖아 - 낚시하는데, 뭔가가 저기서 휙하고 지나 가는거...그녀가 서서 너를 보고 있는 거란다. 일찍일찍 해지기 전에 접고 들어가는거 잊지마라.ㅋㅋ.

  3. I think she's trying to low hole you bro.

  4. Luckly, there is no cemetery near the creek. It would of been a little difficult for all of us to fish in the later part afternoon when sun starts go down and wind start shaking trees.

    One time I was fishign in the rather dark creek later part of the day when my hat flew up to the mountain hill, I had hard time deciding if I should get my hat or not.