Kankakee & continued hope.

Few days ago, I went out to Kankakee River for an afternoon. I have a history with Kankakee… a history of tough fishing days. This day proved to be tough as well, and the water flow was very low. Still, I have hope that one day, it will prove that fishing can be great here. I read the fishing reports and people seem to be catching good fish here – in particular the small mouths. I caught a lot of baby fish of all sorts, and I’m going to continue to hope that I’ll meet their older buddies one of these days. The biggest fish of the day was a creek chub, and on this day this felt like a giant fish. Parts of the Kankakee Rock Creek looks like you're in a whole different part of the world, beautiful – and that’s nice considering that it’s less than an hour away from Chicago. I will continue to hope.


  1. It was kind of embarrassing to take these photos… I feel more embarrassed now that load these onto our blog ;-)