a fish called “holy sh#t!”

On the way home from work, I swung by the Grove to cast a lure on spin rod. 30minutes of casting and nothing, not even a nibble. Just as I was wrapping up and threw out the last cast, something heavy gave a slight tug. I thought it was weeds and started to reel in, then an explosion at the end of the line. I nearly crap in my pants ...then the sound of line being pulled out of the drag. Heart pumping, drag screaming, and soon I saw the fish in front of me. Not bad for a 30 visit to a local lake. I drove home like nothing happened … but I still have the smile on my face.

I am going to think of this as a sign of good things to come.
Is this a pike or a muskie?


  1. Man! That thing looks so unreal. I am shre that is not a bad sign.

  2. 닝기미 혼자서 다해먹을래? 잡지 하나내라 "다내꺼" 라는 타이틀로...그거 머스키다. 물론 니가 몰라서 물어본거 아나겠지만. Look at me look at me :p

  3. Congratulations--that's a nice muskie. it must have made your day. You'll have to catch the next one with your fly rod.

  4. Thanks, yes - looking forward to heading up to Hayward for the first time this year. I can't wait to see what that feels like on a fly rod.

    Charles - 히히...빨리 같이 낚시 가자!

  5. Charles, I'm still laughing out loud. Wow, it is definitely the 댓글 of the year, if not the century! 으하하하!