Neversink Gorge

I went out to Neversink gorge yesterday. The place is also called "unique area" as it is truly a gem for those who appreciate solitary fishing experience. It is the most unspoiled patch of land in Catskills.

The state intentionally kept its access points for fishermen at bay to help preserve the area. It takes about 4 to 6 miles of hike in and out of water which is a lot for today''s standard for average fisherman.

Considering this place is only 100 miles away from the city makes the gorge even more appreciable.

There are plenty of boulders which help create immense pockets of deep and fast water which is very difficult to wade around.

Fishing was amazing. Seems like every deep pocket contained willing brown ready for your fly. After awhile, I stopped counting. Since they don't stock this section of the river, I would like to think that the most of browns I caught are wild.

This was by far one of the best fishing experience I've had recently. Not because the sheer numbers of fish I've caught but everything was just right. The beauty of gorge mixed in with everything else made this trip very special.


  1. perfect fall day! hiking in for fish is always more rewarding no matter what size.

  2. Man that's nice. Nice place, nice fish. It's also refreshing & great seeing the East Coast scenery – thank you. Nice to see you back in action fishfinder, take it easy.

  3. My second time here and I felt in love with the place. My back is paying dearly right now.

  4. Great trip Charles! The place look similar to Korean creek and mountain.