Took friend from Taiwan out for lenok:

Hank from Taiwan came for travel to Korea with his girl friend for a few days and we found some time to catch lenok. The weather was cold in early morning; but by mid morning, it was much warmer and right away we saw the better result. Early, Hank was able to catch 34cm lenok which was a great size for that area. We had a great rest of the day catching many lenoks and eating spicy chicken with potato and kimchi for lunch.


  1. Jonathan,
    really thank you for guiding us to such a great creek.
    It was wonderful day!!
    If you had available time,
    just call me.
    I still owe you a dinner,
    and we can go for some no spicy food.

  2. sounds like you guys had a great time. I'm glad Hank had a chance to see the mountains in eastern Korea and catch a few lenok.

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Seoul Hank.

  3. i cannot wait to catch the mighty manchurian