Bridge Trolls

I don't even like the taste of trout, but the last week of the trout season every year the Wisconsin DNR stocks the streams with what I refer to as Trolls. They're hatchery raised brood stock rainbows, they're big and ugly and nothing like the wiley and hard to catch resident browns. The hatchery trucks pull up to the bridges and dump these toads in where they're harassed by the local population for a few days. I always go out and catch a few and the wife had been bugging me to kill a fish. This troll is fulfilling it's purposes. The first is to provide my family with something to eat and the second is to remind me that this is a blood sport and life is cyclical. It still didn't taste any good. The first pic is from Dan D, not the same fish but still a troll under the bridge.



  1. Nice! Eating your kill has certain barbaric charm even though it may not taste good. I'm sure adding Kimchi and Gochujang to the equation made it somewhat bearable.

  2. Ha! that's why we love mrlee...I was curious when I saw a glimpse of these photos when mrlee was trying to show me some other photos on his computer…it had me thinking for a while…hum, does mrlee eat a lot of his catch but just didn’t tell us? Trolls, we love them for what they are.

  3. Ha ha ha! My mother In-law also as been waiting for me to bring some fish too.