Up in the North Woods....

"The Au Sable Riverboat was originally built in the 1870's. They were developed as a flat bottom craft that allowed the lumber companies to move tools and equipment up and down the river system. Without a keel, the craft was pushed by a pole from the stern, sat high on the water and was an excellent means of seeing the land from the "inside out" for timbering purposes. Boats were typically built out of cedar and white pine planks, weighed 300 to 400 hundred pounds and were a very stable craft for transportation purposes.The original designs were 24 feet long and (2 ½ feet wide) with a pointed bow and stern. The Rube Babbitt family modified the design in the 1880's to accommodate fishing by adding a live-box.This original design remains unchanged today offering a comfortable and pleasant fly-fishing experience away from busy public access sites."

I had the opportunity to fish "the holy waters" of the Au Sable river with friends. The river is famous for many reasons; The birth places of the Adams dry fly and Trout Unlimited. the Hexagenia mayfly. The fishing can be tough but the scenery and camaraderie is awesome.... Some pics from the North Woods....


  1. what a beautiful boat and fish. I’m planning to visit some of the rivers that stays open all year in Michigan, please let me know if there is one to recommend. Sometimes being in Illinois is not such a bad thing, as it gets us to travel to both Wisconsin & Michigan (& soon Iowa) for trout – if we lived in one of those states, it would be so easy to get lazy & stay where we were without travel.

  2. I am glad that you are talking adventage of what's available around you. The boat looks real fun to ride and fish. I can't wait to do that with you one of these days.

  3. Ksanchun - mrlee might be visiting/ moving to Korea soon. BTW - his wife is expecting a baby – I don’t think melee realizes yet that his days of free fishing is coming to a screeching halt soon. You can show him the ropes since you just went through it. I can only imagine how much fun you guys will have discovering the creeks there as well as drinking to be had in Seoul.