Lake Delevan in October

It was a slow day for fishing but nice just the same. I did catch the biggest crappie of my life. I liked Ross's 15 year old frog lure, we figure he's got one more fish to catch in his lifetime. Thanks for the poster Ross on our new business! Dave, thanks for getting the boat out - hopefully we'll squeeze one more trip in if the weather holds up.


  1. YH that frog was at least 30 yrs old. But I think your right it has one more catch and it's done! I'm ready to book my next expedition with And for everyone else, no that wasn't bait that was the catch.

  2. That makes him even cooler - wow, a 30+ year old frog...we should leave him around for another 20 years. I know he's got one more fish left, but I don't think we can risk loosing him.

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