the long cast.

Jonathan loves the long cast and he is very good at it. He especially likes to make the long cast with his favorite Sage 000 rod. I’ve heard of people who can cast the entire length of the fly line, but have never actually seen it. I wonder if I will ever be able to cast further than I currently can (which is not that far at all). Like golf, once you get stuck on a particular swing – it seems very difficult to get out of, and that is the case with my casting. Do you think taking a casting class worth it? I've never taken one and was wondering if any of you have.


  1. Hi Yoonho,
    next year i am going to take a exam which is about fly casting. If i pass the exam, i will get a certificate, Certificated Casting Instructor. Then, next time you come here. We can discuss fly casting together.

  2. Caddis – my casting did improve after that 10min session with you. I am looking forward to learning more from you. Let me know how the exam goes. Good to hear from you friend.