Something familiar:

A few months ago, I guided some Japanese friends to the creek in Korea. The owner of the pension that we stayed was a fly fisherman. One morning when I entered his main hall area, where customers could stay for coffee and breakfast, I happen to see familiar things on the table: It was a tying table. I could tell that he put fly fishing a side for the season since summer is most busy season for pension business. But tying material, tool, and fly box full of fly, I could tell he is already got ready for fall season of fly fishing.


  1. sometimes we see that another person is a fly fisherman and for some reasons, we give them the benefit of the doubt… we trust them a little more. We like to make assumptions about people who share the same interest, looks similar, or come from similar backgrounds… for better or worse.

  2. I know what you mean. With that owner of pension, we really didn't have much time to chat, but we kind of had that connection even if he looked much older than I.