an extra that is pretty

Galgyun-ni (Zacco temmincki) is a common creek chub that we run into often when we’re fishing for trout here. They are common creek chubs that often share the waters with trout, although usually not residing in the same pools. They are quick to take the fly, many of them, and often considered a nuisance when fishing. However, when I look at how pretty they are, they are hardly a nuisance to the eyes. Here’s a photo of a galgyun-ni that Jonathan caught.

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  1. We wrote about this rather common fish in Korean creek before. They are more of them in one spot and often act as fly pattern checker. And often when difficult condition on the water, this little fish will welcome you to the creek and make you smile. It has different color and shape than trout, but it has very nice color on it's body. I love them.